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The best of the Napa Valley Film Fest!

  • November 26, 2018

Image by  Napa Valley Film Festival

The Napa Valley Film Festival has come and gone, but what a time it was. It’s small film festivals like this that really help to support the independent arts and we’re so happy to be able to bring great cinema to the public in a truly gorgeous locale.
Want to catch the best of the fest? Here are this year’s winners!

Best Genre-Bending: White Tide: The Legend of Culebra

A documentary about treasure hunters searching an island for a different kind of gold: white gold! The story of a man searching for over two million dollars-worth of cocaine buried somewhere on an island, this funny, offbeat, and intriguing tale combines documentary footage with stylish recreations, creating a gripping tale that audiences couldn’t get enough of! Imagine if Breaking Bad was a documentary directed by the Coen brothers and you’ll be on the right track. Captivating.

Best Verge Film: Summer ‘03

A heart-warming (and only slightly scandalous) coming of age story, this blast from the past is about a young girl who gets some… suspect advice from her grandma on her deathbed, setting her on a path towards adulthood with more than a few bumps on the way. Featuring a star-making performance from its young star, Joey King, this is not one to miss!

Best Ensemble Cast: Cold Brook

Two college maintenance workers help a man in need after finding him breaking into a campus building. This warm-hearted dramedy features a stunning cast, including William Fichtner, Kim Coates, Harold Perrineau, Robin Weigert, Mary Lynn Rajskub, and Brad Hanke! Well worth seeing.

Best Narrative Feature: Tomorrow

The story of a disabled veteran finding something to live for in opening a restaurant with a new friend, this British film doesn’t shy away from the difficulties of rehabilitation into normal life for soldiers, but tells a story full of hope. Audiences were captivated, making it this year’s narrative winner!
You missed this year’s film festival, but truth be told there’s never a bad time to visit Napa Valley. Book a room at the Hotel Indigo Napa Valley to getaway from the every day in wine country!


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