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Taste the best of V. Sattui at Hotel Indigo!

  • November 13, 2018

Photo by Helena Lopes

The holidays are here! Which probably means you already need a holiday from your holiday. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, sometimes it makes sense to pull away and treat yourself so you’re not burned out by the season!
If that’s happening to you, come to the Napa Valley. The rolling hills and valleys of wine country are the perfect antidote to holiday stress!


If you’re looking for an excuse to visit, might we recommend a wine tasting at the Hotel Indigo Napa Valley? We will be hosting a tasting from the exclusive V. Sattui Winery!

Named after its founder Victorio Sattui, V. Sattui’s story is entwined with the history of American. An Italian immigrant, Sattui founded the winery in 1885 to incredible success. However, when prohibition came along in the early twentieth century the law-abiding Victorio was forced to shut down his successful business. Years later, his great-grandson Dario took up the torch, starting V. Sattui in the Napa Valley’s St. Helena!

V. Sattui is committed to making small batch, small lot wines in order to reflect the truest expression of their grapes. Rather than creating huge amounts of blended wines, they make many different kinds of wine that differ in wonderful ways. Each year is different and exciting, and the long list of awards that V. Sattui have won over the years attests to the tremendous quality of their wines!

Of course, that variety means they are a great choice for a tasting! You can sample V. Sattui’s fine wines at the Hotel Indigo Napa Valley on a few different dates:  November 17, 30, December 15 and 30. Let a trained sommelier guide you through the tasting notes in our luxurious and comforting hotel.

The Hotel Indigo Napa Valley is the perfect staging grounds for all your Napa adventures, whether you’re tasting in our lobby or exploring all that the valley has to offer! Book your room today


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